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Blondie&Co. is a labour of love for two journos who wanted a spot on the internet where we could write about and share all our lifestyle interests freely. Our paths first crossed in 2017 when we studied Journalism Honours alongside each other at Stellenbosch University, and we soon bonded over our many shared interests (i.e. trashy reality TV).

We’ve both since moved on to amazing jobs in the media industry, but sadly the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic hit the industry (and us) fairly hard. On one particularly gloomy day, and during a phone call/ slash vent session, Paula-Ann jokingly suggested, “We should start a blog!”. A few months later, and with the help of some wonderful friends, Blondie&Co. was born. From beauty and style trends to inspiring stories and personal anecdotes, the Blondie&Co. community is all about sharing feel good stories that add something to your life, or a momentary smile to your face.

This is a site born out of a desire to collaborate and create, so we’d love to hear from you, our reader. Follow us on social media or scroll down to contact us.


Tegan and Paula-Ann


I’ve wanted to be a lifestyle content creator for as long as I can remember, and my first foray into the industry was me handwriting movie reviews for my primary school newspaper. In the years since I’ve picked up a journalism degree and experience in mediums ranging from newspapers to TV, radio, social media and digital marketing, but writing lifestyle content (across both print and digital) has been my real passion.

My work has been published by a variety of media outlets, including Good Housekeeping, COSMO, Fairlady, Lose It!, Vegan Life, The Cape Argus, The Paarl Post, Eikestadnuus, Daddy’s Deals and Matie Media.

As for the personal stuff, I live in Cape Town, take my book club very seriously, have an affection for anything sweet or deep fried (or both) and am currently dreading my 25th birthday.

Right now I’m probably bingeing my latest Netflix favourite in bed and promising myself I’ll work out tomorrow.

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I’m a 20-something editor of a Karoo community newspaper (pinch me!), and Blondie&Co. is a lifelong dream come true.

Life’s pretty good in the Karoo: hello fresh air, (too many) hearty meals, and an attempt at a minimalist lifestyle. When not chasing deadlines or studying towards a masters degree in journalism, you’ll find me behind a camera, out for a walk or with the love of my life: Lewis the cat. My current obsession includes hummus, my blender (which is used to make said hummus), and art and design. I embody the latter through my Sims addiction — #motherlode.

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