Five beauty products we would love to see under the Christmas tree

'Tis the season to treat yo' self

By Paula-Ann Smit

Five beauty products we would love to see under the Christmas tree

‘Tis the season to buy stocking stuffers, but where oh where to start? Here are five tried-and-tested beauty products that I love right now, so treat someone special in your life or threat yo’ self — you totally deserve it. 

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

I adore this toner because it gives me that fresh face feelin’ and keeps my blemishes at bay (which is what tea tree oil is really good at!). I use it to prep my skin for moisturiser in the morning and before applying serum at night, and love the mattifying affect it has on my skin.


Africology body lotion

This lotion is the stuff dreams are made of. I discovered it while on a visit to an Africology spa and seriously wanted to pack it into my bag right then and there. The smell is luxurious and your skin absorbs the lotion quickly, leaving it soft and glowing. Having a bottle handy at home makes every day feel like a spa day.


Eucerin Sun Creme Tinted Photoaging Control SPF 50+

I can’t go a day without this moisturiser. The SPF keeps my skin safe from the sun, and the tinted aspect leaves my skin glowy and ready to go, without having to apply foundation. Apparently it’s also anti-ageing, but I’ll let you know in a few years.



Fragrance-Free Hand Cream

This hand cream has been my go-to fix for all the hand-sanitising I’ve been doing lately. It’s fragrance free, so you can lather on as much as you like without smelling like a Body Shop gift basket (not that that’s a bad thing…)


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter

Vaseline has been a part of my beauty arsenal ever since I can remember, so imagine my excitement when they introduced cocoa butter to the mix (an aloe vera option is also available). I use this product to keep my eyebrows in place and to moisturise my lashes.



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