5 reasons why Dawson from 'Dawson's Creek' is the worst

Eew, Dawson.

By Paula-Ann Smit

5 reasons why Dawson from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is the worst

Dawson's Creek

Netflix recently released all six seasons of 90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek, so naturally, I’ve been on a binging spree. 

However, I couldn’t make it past season two and lemme tell you why: Dawson Leery (played by James Van Der Beek), as in the central character of the angsty teenage series, is the absolute worst. Seriously, it should be Pacey’s Creek. Sweet, hunky Pacey Witter, whose screen-time is overshadowed by his best friend Dawson’s knack for the melodramatic. 

But more on that later. 

Here are five reasons from season one why Dawson Leery from Dawson’s Creek is the worst. For those who haven’t seen the show, there are some spoilers ahead.

1. He’s an insufferable ‘nice guy’  

You know the type: they insist they’re you’re friend, you treat them as a friend, then they complain you ‘friend-zoned’ them. Dawson, for example, gets upset when his love interest Jen Lindley (played by the amazing Michelle Williams), dates another guy. But did Dawson ever ask Jen out? No. Also, he says things like this: 

2. He tries to film his first kiss with Jen, without her knowing

So Dawson and Jen were working on a film. When they’re done, Dawson purposefully leaves the camera rolling and leans in for his first kiss with Jen. What. A. Creep. When Jen spots that the camera is still on, Dawson, ever the saint, says that he “wanted the moment to be perfect — to create something worthy of how special [he] thinks [Jen] is.” Eww. When Jen says that Dawson is trying too hard he says that this is his “downfall” and that his “intentions were nothing else but honourable.” He never actually apologises, and in the end, Jen is scared her kiss might not meet Dawson’s expectations. What the actual. 

3. He slut shames Jen

This is something Jen seems to be faced with throughout the series, even from characters other than Dawson. Seriously, Michelle Williams deserved so much better. In season one episode four, Jen tells Dawson about her checkered past, which includes partying and sleeping around. She does this, by the way, after Dawson insists there should be no secrets between them. Although Dawson tells her it’s fine, he later complains to Pacey that Jen isn’t a virgin. “So?” Pacey asks, reiterating what I’ve *been* saying: it should be Pacey’s Creek. 

4. He forgets his best friend’s birthday (for no good reason) 

Speaking of Pacey, Dawson totally forgot his sixteenth birthday, and this was his excuse: at one point, Dawson starts dating Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), but the two soon fight because Dawson read Joey’s diary. That’s right, as if we didn’t have reason enough to dislike Dawson. In her diary, Joey wrote that she hated Dawson’s movie, so naturally, as a self-proclaimed film genius, Dawson is upset. He’s so caught up with this silly fight, that he forgets Pacey’s birthday. Pacey already comes from a family that doesn’t notice him, so I can’t forgive Dawson for this one. 

5. He manipulates Joey to keep her from going to Paris 

Ugh, this guy is insufferable. When Joey (a star students who has no idea how she’s going to pay for college) gets a scholarship to attend school in Paris for a semester, Dawson doesn’t encourage her to take the opportunity. Instead, he pouts, saying how much he’ll miss her. Later, Joey says that she decided not to take the scholarship, and Dawson is overjoyed. 

It is at this point that I screamed crude words at the screen and switched over to Sister Sister. And Dawson’s Creek, in the words of John Waite, I ain’t missing you at all. 

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