Our 11 favourite pop culture Halloween costumes

Any excuse to dress up really

By Tegan Mouton

Our 11 favourite pop culture Halloween costumes

Halloween is officially upon us, and while the Jack-o’-lantern, trick or treating version is a mostly American thing, we’ll still jump on any good excuse to dress up and spend some time with friends.

You’ve probably noticed that us gals here at Blondie&Co. are a bit pop culture obsessed, so naturally our interest has filtered down into our halloween costume choices over the years (no blood and gore for us thanks). In fact, I was so obsessed with Juno for a few years there, I had to go as characters from the film two years in a row.

Anyway, here’s a round-up of our favourite pop culture halloween costumes to give you some inspiration for the big day!


Hands down one of the greatest Pixar films of all time (and that’s already a high bar), Ratatouille is the perfect theme for a family costume, as per the family in the pic below.

It’s Britney bitch 

She’s the pop princess icon whose music has stood the test of time, and we love that these two honoured Britney Spears with an homage to her Oops I did it again and Hit me baby one more time days. #Freebritney 


Stranger Things’ Eleven is a badass in general but she was extra badass in season three when she fully embraced cringey 80’s fashion, high pony included, and we love this super colourful Eleven look for Halloween!

Holly Golightly 

One of my favourite films of all time, Breakfast at Tiffanys is iconic for a reason, and paying tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s amazing performance in the 1961 film is something I definitely still need to do one Halloween. Personally I love the whole white shirt, sleeping mask look (from when Holly and Paul first meet), as opposed to the more cliche black dress look from the opening scene, but either way it’s a great idea. 

Tiger King

It’s the 2020 Netflix doccie series that became a cultural phenomenon and bonded us all during lockdown and we’re sure we’ll be seeing lots of Tiger King costumes this year, mine included (on that note, does anyone have tiger print pants I can borrow?). Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic, while unlikely to hang out in real life anytime soon, make for an amazing couples costume.


Roald Dahl fans like me can’t wait for Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci and Anne Hathaway’s film adaptation of the beloved book Witches, and it makes for a perfect family costume! 


Ok full disclosure I haven’t watched past season one but I can definitely appreciate that the Betty/ Veronica look is perfect for besties who want a matching costume. If you want to emulate the two River Vixens (cheerleaders) you’ll look ready for some “chock ‘lit” shakes at Pop’s Diner).

Moira Rose

Schitt’s Creek wrapped up it’s final season earlier this year (boo) and won many major awards at the Emmys (yay) so there’s never been a better time to dress up as the Rose family matriarch, Moira Rose. Just remember that you have to spend the entire evening pronouncing things weirdly. 

Mean Girls 

“I’m a mouse, duh”. We love how many layers there are to wearing the halloween costumes that the plastics were wearing to a halloween party in the film, so naturally this would pop up on our list. The Gretchen/ Karen animal ears look is easy enough to pull off if you don’t want to go full lingerie like Regina or full zombie bride like Cady, but if you want to add extra friends the Jingle Bell Rock look is pretty iconic too. 

Elle Woods 

We’re all about pet-friendly costumes so naturally Elle and Bruiser Woods from Legally Blonde would make the list. Basically, just wear a ton of pink. “What, like it’s hard?” 

Basic ghost 

To be honest I’m not that invested in this costume I just HAD to include this picture. 

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