I've discovered training with resistance bands and I'm obsessed

Fitness goals amirite

By Paula-Ann Smit

I’ve discovered training with resistance bands and I’m obsessed

Resistance bands

Am I late to the party? Well, American football coach Dick Hartzell apparently introduced these nifty bands to the world of fitness in the early 1980s, so yes. 

Fun fact, Raymond E. Nilson was granted one of the first patents for the elastic resistance band in the 1940s, but this was mostly used in sex parlours (is that a bougie way of saying brothel?) until the 1960s. 

So, what are resistance bands? 

These elastic bands, which honestly won me over with their cute range of colours, help strengthen or stretch your muscles. This could be for a workout or physical therapy. From bands with handles to looped bands, they usually range from light and medium to heavy elasticity, which is an easy way to add resistance to your training. 

Why incorporate bands in your workout? 

From pregnant women, top athletes and the elderly to beginners looking to lose some weight, elastic bands are a practical, effective and safe way to improve your workout. Here are five more reasons why it gets five stars from me: 

1. It’s inexpensive

I hate spending money in general, but around R150 for a set of elastic bands sure beats the price of weights or a gym membership. Plus, they take up hardly any space, and I feel super cool using them. Call me Elastigirl. 

3Pk Resistance Bands

Cotton On


Nordik Beauty Fitness Toning Resistance Bands



Power Loop Set

Mr Price Sport



2. They’re perfect for travel 

Lol, like I’m travelling anywhere in the middle of a pandemic. But I really like the idea of popping my set of bands in my suitcase and working out in a hotel room before my super important business meeting with Miranda Priestly. I bet she’s focused on fitness too. 

3. It’s great for core strength

The core of my fitness problems is that I have no core strength. Like, I’m surprised Cape Town wind doesn’t just blow me over. But after a few workouts with the elastic bands, I can already feel my core getting stronger. This is because tension from the bands requires stabilisation from your body, and I’m all about finding that balance. 

4. The exercise options are limitless 

Well, I’m sure there’s a limit, but you know what I mean. These bands allow you to exercise every part of your body, and you can get creative while doing it. You can perform movements used in activities such as swimming and tennis, or do some lifts while balancing on your side. 

5. Your muscles are always working 

With weight exercises, there will be a point where your muscles will not be working very hard because there is no more resistance (like at the top of a bicep curl). With elastic bands, however, your muscles are constantly moving against resistance, which makes for a great workout. Toning, here I come.   

Here are a few workouts to try at home: 

Glute kickbacks

·      Balance on your hands and knees. Hold the handle of each band in your hand and hook the middle of the band on your left foot. 

·      Push your left foot back and up, and slowly return. 

·      Repeat with your right foot. 


·      Get in a normal push-up position, but wrap a band around your upper back and hands  and commence push-up. 

·      I can’t even successfully complete a normal push-up, so please let me know when you’ve mastered this. 


·      Perfect that booty by stepping on a resistance band with your feet shoulder-width apart. 

·      Bring your hands to your shoulders while holding the handles of the bands, and keep them there while you squat. 

·      Must be done while singing Low by Flo Rider.

Watch below for more workout options:

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