5 fitness apps to help you work off all those quarantine snacks

I’m a snack because I snack

By Paula-Ann Smit

5 fitness apps to help you work off all those quarantine snacks

Fitness apps

You are what you eat and I am most definitely a snack. All day every day. But my snacking knows no boundaries, and I can no longer ignore the fact that my jeans did not actually shrink in the wash.

Here are a few fitness apps I’ll be trying out to get my groove back:

Strava: Run & Ride Training

-For Android and IOS

Like Facebook for fitness, this nifty app allows you to record and analyse your training sessions, which is saved to a feed that you can share (with pictures) with your Strava friends. My favourite features are that it maps out your route when running or cycling, and you can even see how many calories you burned.

You can track a variety of activities, including rock climbing, surfing and Crossfit, and you can earn trophies, participate in virtual events and compete with your friends. Or you can opt to have no Strava friends and just get fit on your terms.

-Free with the option of upgrading to Strava Premium

Nike Training Club

-For Android and IOS

I never liked going to gyms and a global pandemic is the perfect excuse to never return. Nike Training Club offers a variety of guided workouts that you can do at home and there are even equipment-free workouts. You can opt for workouts to target parts of your body, or HIT, boxing, endurance, and much more. Plus, you can alter and plan your sessions to work for you.

This app is a pocket-sized personal trainer, even offering video previews of what your workouts should look like (no more skimping on the squats). You can also download workouts to watch and do later.



-For Android and IOS

Pear is rated by many fitness fanatics as one of the best fitness apps you’ll find. Which is probably why you’ll only get a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll have to pay around R100 monthly or around R675 annually. Much like the Nike Training Club, it has a variety of workouts to choose from. A super cool feature is that it tracks your performance and adapts to it.

-14-day free trial, paid membership afterwards

Daily Yoga: Weight Loss Studio

-For IOS

From Cat Pose to the One-Handed Tree Pose, you’ll be a yoga pro in no time with this app, which was voted Best Yoga App of the year 2016-2019. It was also named as one of the “5 Addictive Fitness Apps” by the Wall Street Journal, which sounds super impressive.

But what does it do? Daily Yoga offers free guided classes for beginners right through to the yoga pros. These classes are given by world-class yogis and are suited for a variety of needs. Yoga for weight loss? Check. Depression? Better digestion? Check and check. You can also schedule workouts, but this is only part of the paid option.

-Free, with the option of upgrading to premium


-For Android and IOS

The Couch to 5K (how cool is this name?) is a global movement with millions of success stories. It helps you to, you guessed it, train from scratch and become an experienced runner. According to Men’s Fitness, the app is modest with a realistic schedule, which is why it is so well received. It starts with a mix of running and walking, with audio coaches and alerts. All done with the 5K? Don’t worry, the 10K app has got you covered.

-Free, if you don’t mind ads. You can remove these (for a price) or upgrade to premium options.

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