10 trends that defined lockdown in South Africa

2020 has been a game changer

By Paula-Ann Smit

10 trends that defined lockdown in South Africa

Lockdown trends South Africa

It’s been around six months since lockdown first started, and boy does time fly when you’re isolating from a global pandemic.

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the lockdown trends we loved, hated, and most definitely tried at some point while having to stay home:

1. Dalgona coffee

For a solid month, I lived off this delicious Korean creation, which is essentially a beverage made by whipping instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water until it’s creamy, then adding it to cold milk

This DIY beverage first gained popularity on social media during social distancing orders in South Korea. For obvious reasons, coffee lovers could no longer visit their favourite coffee places for a coffee fix. The calming effect of watching the creation being whipped up most definitely also contributed to its viral success on TikTok. I made coffee, Milo and Nesquik alternatives. I regret nothing.

2. Banana bread

Did you even isolate if you didn’t bake banana bread? A few weeks after lockdown was announced, bananas and yeast went flying off the shelves, although the latter likely had more to do with point three of this list. I don’t care what the logic behind baking banana bread is, it’s delicious and I will eat it until the end of eternity. Also, shout out to my mother who knows I hate baking and sends me these popular loaves via PostNet.

3. Pineapple beer

Who would’ve thought a pandemic would cause pineapples to be in such high demand? A ban on alcohol will do that to a person. I’ve never tried this because 1. I don’t have the patience and 2. I hate pineapples, but apparently it tastes citrusy and bitter, much like my personality after lockdown week four.

4. Social media challenges

There was the #firstphotochallenge, the #raweggchallenge (why was this even a thing?) and, more recently, the #JerusalemaChallenge, which sees people dance to the popular song by South African DJ Master KG. TikTok was also in the mix, where people showed off their dancing skills and comedy chops. Personally, I feel that the #toiletpaperchallenge, where pets are coerced to jump over different levels of toilet paper their owners had hoarded, was the highlight of all the lockdown social media shenanigans

5. Tiger King

Two seemingly unrelated words, yet you know exactly what I’m talking about. There was a short period in time where the world lived in perfect harmony, as we escaped our bizarre realities for an even weirder one with this Netflix reality miniseries. Will we watch it again? Most likely, all you cool cats and kittens.

6. Virtual get-togethers

Houseparty, Zoom, Skype: you name the platform, and it’s likely a group of friends gathered online at some point for a wine sesh. Maybe everyone is just as exhausted by social interaction as I am, or I have no friends, but I haven’t been invited to any of these and I’m OK with that (sobs, alone).

7. Pajamas as day wear

Now, this is a trend I can get behind. Formal pants for who? Bring on the PJs all day every day. Also, can we talk about how exciting it was to get dressed up super nice to go buy bread and milk, even though no one you know would see you? I legit put on lipstick under a mask once – I dress for me baby.

8. New relationship statuses

My Instagram feed has been filled with engagement announcements and new relationships. I love love as much as the next person, but where on earth did everyone meet new people? Is there a lockdown love app people aren’t talking about? There have also, inevitably, been a few breakups. Love and light to everyone with a new relationship status.

9. At-home beauty

This was not as much an “I want to try this” trend as it was an “I need to do this because my upper lip is a mess and I have a Skype meeting” trend. At one point, I seriously contemplated cutting my own hair. Thank goodness beauty salons have since opened because I once tried to wax my own bikini line when I was 18 and there’s no way in hell I was going through that painful experience again. Bless you, wax lady.

10. Puzzles

There’s something about isolation boredom that takes you back to the old favourite basics like 30 Seconds, Uno, and puzzles. Honestly, it’s about time puzzles had an opportunity to shine, and what better way to forget about a pandemic than through the soothing satisfaction of a good ol’ puzzle?

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