What is the “strawberry dress” and why has it gone viral?

I want one!

By Tegan Mouton

What is the “strawberry dress” and why has it gone viral?

The "strawberry dress"

If you spend a lot of time scrolling through social media and drooling over excessively expensive clothing you’ll probably never own, then you’ve probably come across “The Strawberry Dress,” a $490 (like R8,400) tea dress by designer Lirika Matoshi that has recently gone viral.

If you need some background info, Matoshi is a Kosovo-born designer who launched her business in 2016 at the age of 20 after moving to New York City. The brand has since grown from handcrafted choker necklaces to include a wide variety of apparel and accessories. Her products are sold in prestigious retailers like Nordstrom, and the brand has over 800 000 followers on Instagram. Matoshi’s designs are popular for being frothy, romantic and girly, but her first viral creation is the now-famous “Strawberry Dress”.

The pink tulle, strawberry print, sequined and ruffled creation is every 5-year-old girl’s dream dress, but for some reason has become the year’s ultimate must-have, especially since becoming a viral internet sensation with memes, tweets and TikToks about it everywhere.

Matoshi first designed the dress in July 2019 and it received red carpet attention in January when model Tess Holliday wore a custom version of it to the Grammys. Side note: she’s since made a really good point about society’s perception of fashion and body types, see her post below.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world hard in March, sales for the dress have skyrocketed and it’s currently the best-selling item from Matoshi’s collection, along with its matching mask. It’s also since been featured by high-profile publications like Vogue, The New York Times, Forbes, Allure and The Independent among others.

The dress’s newfound success likely stems from the fact that it fits in with recent online trends, specifically the “cottagecore” movement that’s proving really popular with its soft, frothy and idealised pastoral aesthetic, perfect for having tea parties in a field of daisies. The trend has played well into the pandemic as people are romanticising nature, crafting and all things pretty more than ever.

Aside from the actual sales numbers, plenty of people who can’t afford the dress (understandable) are taking to the internet to either show off copy-cat creations, get in on the strawberry trend, or just make fun of it with memes.


the Lirika Matoshi strawberry dress is the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen #strawberrydress #lirikamatoshi

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TikTok has over 7.3 million views for the hashtag #strawberrydress, while the #lirikamatoshi hashtag has 4.7 views million views, according to Insider.

While it’s hardly an affordable option, the dress is really pretty to look at, and an interesting case study for how the internet can make or break style trends, with consumers leading the charge for what they want and when.

We’re here for the frothy, frivolous fun in the world of fashion!