What is eyebrow lamination, and do I need it?

Eyebrows are VERY important

By Tegan Mouton

What is eyebrow lamination, and do I need it?

eyebrow lamination

Few beauty features have been as important as eyebrows in recent years (thank goodness we’ve bid goodbye to the early ‘oughts pencil-thin brows).

So it’s no surprise that treatments like threading, tinting and microblading have been massively popular to combat concerns like gaps, brow thinning, overplucking and general unruliness, and now there’s another neat treatment on the block.

When you hear the term lamination it’s easy to think of the clear plastic film you used to make your school projects look good, but you’d be wrong. Eyebrow lamination is essentially a perm-type treatment for your brows, using chemicals to give them a set, uniform shape and giving off the illusion of growth for roughly two months, though this can obviously vary.

It’s seriously taken off in recent months as it’s a great way to achieve the fashionable, feathery look that’s really popular at the moment and is usually only achieved through the soap brow method or using a brow gel.

Eyebrow lamination is different from microblading in the sense that it works on the actual hairs as opposed to the skin, making it a much less painful procedure with no after-effects that need to heal. That said, the treatment can be a little drying on your skin, so apply a small amount of oil to your eyebrows if you experience dry side-effects.

How does it work?

First things first, you should go for a consultation to find the right shape and style for your face.

The specialist will then apply a lifting cream onto your brow, which initiates a chemical process that breaks down bonds in each hair, allowing them to become more tactile and to be moved into a new shape.

The brow hairs are brushed up into place and a neutralizer is applied to make the brows stick in their new shape.

A tint will likely also be applied for any necessary colour correction.

Lastly, a nourishing and hydrating oil is applied for brow care after the chemical treatment process.

Et voila, brow perfection and it probably won’t even take an hour!

Be prepared though, your eyebrow hairs will be straightened and encouraged to grow in the same direction but you’ll still need to comb them up for the full feathery brow effect, and you’ll likely need a repeat in a few weeks.

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