Vogue makes history as all 26 international versions unite for the first time

A message of hope in 2020

By Tegan Mouton

Vogue makes history as all 26 international versions unite for the first time

Vogue hope issue

For the first time in Vogue magazine’s 128-year history all 26 global versions of the Condé Nast title have published the same editorial theme for their September/October issues, and it’s the perfect message for this phenomenally terrible year.

Published in 19 different languages, each edition features a portfolio of imagery and copy handpicked by the relevant Vogue editor-in-chief and centred on the theme of hope. These issues also feature letters of hope from celebrities, artists, change makers and public figures on a number of topics relevant to 2020, ranging from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement and the environment.

You can take a peek at some of the curated pieces in the video below:

Anna Wintour, Vogue US editor in chief and Condé Nast’s artistic director and global content adviser says:

“At this tumultuous time, Vogue decided to bring all the global editions together around this optimistic, humane, forward-looking theme. Hope may be hard to find at a moment of crisis, but it also feels more essential than ever. It’s part of our shared humanity, a source of delight and inspiration, and keeps us focused on a brighter future.”

The message of hope is a poignant one for the publishing industry, which has taken a serious knock recently (just look at the closure of numerous magazines in South Africa this year), and we love to see artists and creatives from all over the world unite for such a great message.