Nestle discontinues South Africa’s beloved Chocolate Log

2020 strikes again.

By Tegan Mouton

Nestle discontinues South Africa’s beloved Chocolate Log

Chocolate log discontinued

Sweet tooths have been dealt a serious blow as Nestle South Africa confirms it is axing five sweet aisle faves, including the beloved Chocolate Log.

Milky Bar Peanut, Milky Bar Double, Bar One Peanut, Nestle Crunch, Milo Bar (this one hurts) and the Chocolate Log will all be discontinued as of next month, while certain sizes of Peppermint Crisp and Quality Street will also be stopped, as per the list below.

  • 24x150g of Nestlé Crisp Peppermint
  • 36x20g Kit Kat Two Finger White
  • 32x200g Kit Kat Mini Bag White
  • 10x80g Milkybar Smarties
  • 10x80g Milkybar Krackle
  • and the Quality Street Gift Box 12x200g and bag 8x500g.

While there has been widespread disappointment from the public, there’s no doubt the discontinuation of the Chocolate Log has hit people hardest after 50 years on South African shelves.

On a positive note, Nestle has teased that some new and exciting products will be released soon!

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