Our favourite magazine covers in the Covid-19 era

Creativity in the time of Covid

By Tegan Mouton

Our favourite magazine covers in the Covid-19 era

Magazine covers

The Covid-19 pandemic has put all of our lives on hold, and working from home is officially the new norm. While getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep and wearing sweatpants everyday is great, it also means that creatives have had to get extra creative when it comes to producing their work.

In the spirit of celebrating innovation during tough times, here’s a roundup of our favourite magazine covers during the Covid -19 pandemic.

GQ Portugal

This eye-catching and delightfully simple March cover of GQ Portugal puts a smile on our face, get it? The smiley face is a reminder to stay positive, and we really love (and agree with) the “F*ck off Covid-19” cover line.


This April cover of Newsweek commented on the so-called “Work From Home Nation” with a clever and oh-so-relatable artwork featuring a pic of Lady Liberty working in her pjs. The magazine pondered whether office culture will resume once the coronavirus pandemic is over. (I for one hope so!)

Vogue Italia

Definitely my favourite on the list, Vogue Italia made a stunning statement with this all white cover in April. According to editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti, the stark cover was an effort to not detract from the serious state of Italy during the peak of its outbreak. The white was symbolic for a few reasons, also representing a blank page for new creative endeavours, a optimistic symbol of a brighter future, and is also the colour of uniforms worn by medical workers on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine’s March issue featured a stunning image taken by photographer Jeremy Cohen, capturing a man playing double bass alone on a rooftop. Produced by a team working remotely, this beautiful speaks to the unique isolation we’re all experiencing in 2020 (though I’m spending my time watching Netflix, not producing music).

Vogue Portugal

This striking cover for Vogue Portugal‘s April issue stars a couple kissing while wearing face masks. According to editor-in-chief Sofia Lucas inspiration for the cover came from a 1937 photo of a couple kissing, also wearing masks, during a flu epidemic.

Grazia UK

Breaking away from celebrities and fashion shoots, Grazia paid tribute to National Health Service staff with four special edition covers featuring medical professionals battling the pandemic for a “From the frontline” issue.

Vanity Fair Spain 

Illustrator Emiliano Ponzi designed this thought provoking cover titled “the embrace of absence” for Vanity Fair Spain. According to the artist, the cover is about a person who embraces nothingness, illustrating societies longing to embrace each other again.

Vogue Netherlands

Vogue Netherlands’ June issue was produced entirely remotely and is all about solidarity, featuring the cover line “Alone, together”. The cover was produced by lockdown photographer Ferry van der Nat who shot a group of models from a distance.

Feature Image: Instagram/ @vogueportugal